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What value do our venues contribute to our communities?

Despite the seemingly ever growing reliance on electronic means for social networking nothing compares to being in a place of public assembly at a certain point in time. It gives us an opportunity to say I was there; I was a part of that. Our venues provide a place for our communities to come together at small or large events to get away from their everyday life just for a couple of hours and witness extraordinary talents whether they are in sports or performance arts.

Many venues are the living heritage of the community in which they are built or their magnificent architecture makes them a treasure in their own right. They are very often a mainstay of the community, the one constant over generations and are a part of many personal stories.

Our venues also add value to the community by providing opportunities for many people to obtain meaningful work. Some of these people may not be able to find full time work and some of them rely solely on that income for their continued existence. For some staff this work brings them into society and the brand recognition that comes with the venue can provide staff with a certain pride and standing within the community.

Our venues also provide an opportunity for the performers to present their talents to the community regardless of whether it is art or sport. One of the things that set humans apart is the desire to create and excel. Without places of public assembly these exceptional talents would not have an outlet to demonstrate these talents and inspire others.

Our convention and exhibition centres provide great value to the community by providing a facility where people of like minds can come together and present new ideas or to critically examine other points of view, expanding the overall knowledge of the industry, hopefully to the benefit of the community.

The ability to host large scale or long running events can have a significant positive impact to the economic state of the locality in which the venue is situated. The size of the impact is relative on the size of the event and the size of the locality.

The long term legacy of mega events can also leave a positive impact in relation to additional tourism or increased participation rates for example. It should be noted however that many events also come with potential negative impacts, minimising these is also in the sphere of influence of the venue manager.