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Alex's Mum Makes the best Biscuits!

It was such a random statement. No one was talking, rather fingers were tapping furiously away on devices. There had been some impassioned grunting, some half hearted requests ricocheting back and forth about dinner, homework, sporting timetables and the such. The TV was announcing catastrophic world events which were best not being heard or registered.

The statement from the couch dwelling 15 year old was hard to ignore and got equally hard to comprehend therefore provoking a response of “what?”

To which an unusually prompt reply reiterated “Alex’s mum makes great biscuits.”

The power of this statement was immediate, breaking the impossibly strong bond of user and device. Throughout the room strangely heads were now raised and engaged.

This got me thinking… world events are pulling us down and apart so maybe we need community events to start bringing us back together and raising us back up. Maybe it’s time to get the school cake stall back at the table.

So I have decided that event management is about the biggest industry in the world. Of course I have no statistics that can back my claim and a google search didn't give me any concrete evidence either. Undeterred though I've decided that whilst there are many of us who get paid to craft and deliver spectacular events there are millions more people actively involved in the event management process.

Let's think about the numbers for a moment, there are 7 billion of us on the Earth, that means that around 19 million people each day are celebrating a birthday! Obviously not everyone is having a party but if we throw in 326 weddings and 410 funerals per day in Australia and extrapolate out Australia's population which is 0.33 of the world's population that calculates to worldwide 100,000 weddings and 126,000 funerals per year!

Apart from those obvious occasions add in graduation ceremonies, farewells, welcomes, anniversaries, and the large number of religious observation and celebration days. And what about all of the school, sporting team and charity events that people produce. All of these events managed primarily managed by family members or volunteers.

Back to the numbers with 7 billion people in the world even if only 1% people are involved in staging a party this year that means around 200,000 people in the world at any point in time are involved in event management, that is not counting the people who are planning the event they are having tomorrow or next week. My mind starts to explode at the thought of trying to calculate the figure!

For millennium humans have gathered together to celebrate life and each other, to mark time through religious or pagan ceremonies celebrating various times of the year. It seems now we live in a world of doom and gloom and we need to take the focus away, even if only for a couple of hours, where we can celebrate each other and the things in our lives that make us truly joyful.